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I totally believe in the K.I.S.S. approach and it works for us and our clients. They are happy, we’re happy and that is main goal. When you’re ready, we’ll schedule a zoom meeting to go over your ideas, plans or attend your zoom or board meeting. After 3,500 projects I’ve just about done it all. For me, us the process is simple. I own and operate the hosting provider so I can create your account within seconds actually.

Let’s Create a New TD Account for the Website Bundle Deal that a client would purchase.

Create Hosting Account

Only a human will create your account, enter your domain or assist with your domain transfer after purchase or during the free consultation. We do not create accounts without a valid domain name owned or managed by you the client.

Also, I do not allow anything illegal, nothing porn and should be family friendly. This comes from the data center. We’ve been providing protective hosting since 2004 and not going to change this.

Also, refunds are not possible once the account is purchased/created. You’re going to have the Website Bundle Deal for 1 year. You can choose to renew it next year or not at the same price of $149 / year.

Create Accounts

Indeed, what we offer on our home page at is for real. Within moments you’ll have access to your new website. Keep in mind any DNS change or new account domains can take moments if not 24 – 48 hours to resolve across the next. But, that’s ok.. we’ll have your account ready for you once it’s completed.

Well, just cause we add a new account on our server does not mean it’s 100% instant. The internet is not perfect and domain name registrations, transfers can be delayed for other reasons. Don’t worry, we’ll assist you until your new project is up and running. After that, our support is here for you via chat if anything should need checked into for you.

Then, we’re going to visit with you if requested via a scheduled zoom meeting to finalize the setups. Normally, we’ll provide a couple of extra bonuses just for trusting our services.

Talking about TrustPilot

Still not sure? Connect with me directly.

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