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Website Bundle Deal
Divi 4  or Divi Builder
$149 Yearly *
Do It Yourself or Hire Us!

For most projects this is a perfect fit. The Website Bundle Deal renews next year at the same price. That’s totally up to you if you want to keep the site going or not.
If your not sure what’s best for you, let’s visit about it before you spend a dime!

Online Editing Divi 4

Theme, Divi-4 or Builder Included!

The website your viewing now is using our 2GB Startup Hosting Package which also includes cPanel. Has everything a business informative website needs. You can also create from scratch and even mix and match.

Includes: Website Bundle Deal

You don’t want to miss this limited time offer!

Domain Name

1 Year Domain Name

New or Existing (.com) or like value of $15 US or less.

Hosting Partner

2 GB cPanel Hosting

Login anytime via the 7 Global Data Centers.

Installed & Updated

Latest Version installed and setup with admin access.

Divi 4 Affiliate Partner

Theme or Builder

Authorized Affiliate
Visit link above for demos. 

NEW! 7 Day Free Trial for Live Chat and Automated Bots. We’ll Install It For you!

7 Day Free Trial

Automated Bots and Live Chat

As webmasters, developers and coders the like most of us are plugged into music and designing websites. We use Live Chat bots to help us sort what our visitors are looking for. Simply open the chat below. Enter your name, email our website will remember you and helps our clients not require tickets or support licenses! If the bots get stuck, just type HELP and we’ll take over the chat. It’s that simple. They can also handle checkouts etc.. we’re not using the bots 100% abilities, not sure your website would either. There’s lots of options and really at times you’ll wonder, is this thing human? Well, it’s only as smart as you let it be 🙂

Not a client? Don’t need chat or bot? Are you sure about that? Check more details here.

Divi 4 Builder, Plugin or Theme Included!

We love this video 🙂 credit: ElegantThemes

Some Popular Questions

To ask your question … just come to chat.

Paypal Pay in 4

How about a custom website in 4 payments? Ask us about it, we need to figure out what you’ve got going on 1st so we’re on the same page. Some things can wait, do things in stages. Rome was not built in 1 day you know! If your happy with the Free Consulting results. We’ll send you an estimate to approve or invoice. Proceed to the checkout and the option to Pay in 4 should be there for you. If not, let us know we’ll double check for you. Just come to our chat we’ll assist you asap.

TD is TemplateDiscount

TD is and this domain name was registered in 2003 by someone else. We purchased it a few years ago and finally due to the crisis had time to work on our own projects. We want your business to succeed, so you’ll renew next year! That’s our goal, in order to do that we’ve got to keep you happy 🙂

Domain Name

Over the years we’ve been very fortunate not to loose a domain to a scam or old deleted email. It’s vital to keep your domain names protected and private is also a good option. It’s to mostly help reduce the junk email. What we offer is to manage your new (.com) or existing domain transfer valued at $15 a year or less. We can do this via our domain accounts then you not have to worry about any emails regarding your domain we’ll keep it renewed for you. Until you cancel of course. It’s all included in the Website Bundle Deal!

HostCops Secured Hosting

The creator of TD has many website projects as well as clients of course. HostCops has been providing “Secured Website Hosting” since 2004. It was not always public but now it is and it’s the service the Website Bundle Deal is hosted on.  There are 7 data centers located globally with 24/7 support maintaining all of our clients. We’ll make sure your website is online and if any issues just open the chat for support right here on our home page.


Currently, as of October 2020 it’s the most popular CMS website software in use. There are two options to choose from. (is a free service online). (is the free software) we use on the Website Bundle Deal. It’s installed on your account and your in control of your website! Just keep it family friendly, nothing illegal as datacenters, hosting etc.. have bots to keep the sites in check. Thank you!

Divi 4 Affiliate Partner

They are the creators of Divi 4 and many themes as well as plugins. Our website TD is offering a service that includes one of their products (theme, divi 4 or divi plugin) using our unlimited license. If you were to leave our service, you would then need to purchase your own license to use the website we’ve provided for you to use for your project. Since your using our services, we’ll handle the support request. We’re instant, they are hours.. many perks to having your own webmaster huh! If you’d like to buy you own license you can get the details here.

SSL Certificate

A few years ago internet browser(s) started displaying this site is not safe. Regardless if you accept visitor details or not selling anything. A website should have a basic SSL Certificate to turn off the warning to your visitors. It’s cheap and we use themourselves on various projects. Of course, some projects require stronger option SSL’s and it’s just a simple upgrade. We’re more than happy to install it for our clients as well. That alone can be about $50 a year just to setup the SSL from other services. We’re not like that here.

Noptin Newsletter

This is a newletter, lead generation and overall badass plugin. We’ve added it to many projects. It’s great for coming soon, landing pages etc.. many different forms and you can use a free account or upgrade for more. Check out all the options they offer here.


We install this service for all Website Bundle Deals. It’s a vital part of website protection. Just like you lock your home, car doors you need to keep the bad guys out of your website. Hackers try to login all kinds of ways and Wordfence keeps them out. The free version is good, but you can get many more controls by upgrading such as country controlled access plus much, much more.


This is another must have for websites and it’s vital to make sure the settings are correct, backups and restores are working. They make it easy and you can upgrade for even more convient services. Check out BlogVault for details. We’ll install the service it will provide 1 free backup of your original Website Bundle Deal we created for you.

TIDIO Chat and Bots

This is the same chat service we’re using on our TD website. We’ll install it for you, the free version and it will include a 7 Day Free Trial of the upgraded version. It’s up to you if you want to use more of the tools they offer. If not upgrading, you’ll still have 3 operator chat accounts. The automated bots can be upgraded to sell, handled checkout and more. We’re authorized affiliates of TIDIO and get a small commission if you upgrade using our link and it does not impact the price you’d pay. We’re simply including their service as an option for you to choose from.

TemplateMonster Certified

TD is not part of TemplateMonster. We are affiliates and if you’ll use our link we’ll possibly get a commission or bonus tho! Popular Website Templates 

If you already have a template or want to use a different setup for your website. We can certainly handle that for you. The Hosting part of this offer is $89 a year for this same one we’re using for the Website Bundle Deal. Just ask us for it.

Contacting us here at TD is easy. Everything we do is via the chat. It’s best you register your Name and Email so each time you visit our website we can say hello, welcome back or offer some crazy special offer.. who knows!

Texas 512-481-7353 [email protected]