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Short description: This multipage HTML theme will make you feel yourself in the NASA space vehicles laboratory. Everything is very clean, futuristic, highly technological and there's a lot of light. The website of a company that creates applications or gadgets should look like that too. Template's design is perfect - the color scheme is cold but bright, there's a lot of different animation effects, chosen with great taste and in accordance with the newest trends. Parallax effect and several counters make the website more dynamic, pricing tables and testimonials increase customers trust. The template is accurately built to make your website more profitable.

This Information Security Products website template is Responsive

What is it?

This is the ability of the layout to change according to the width of the display.

Why is it Good?

Because of the expanding fascination with mobile phones, the quantity of individuals who log on to the internet sites from devices has grown significantly. This kind of aspect allows you to change websites to cellular devices and a variety of screen extensions, finally supplying smartphone consumers with better opportunities.

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This is a Bootstrap Notebook website template

What is it?

Bootstrap is an open-source framework for web site and programs design.

Why is it Good?

Bootstrap is a very useful instrument and that is the cause it's so well-liked. Using this type of framework, you'll be able to to create responsive design, suitable to any kind of screen size, prototype fresh layouts with no issues and make certain your website happens to be cross-browser compatible.

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This Computer Parts web template is Search Engine Friendly

What is it?

Search engine friendly is a WordPress template that lets easily crawl and index the website.

Why is it Good?

SEO ready web design makes sure that the website will be successfully indexed and positioned higher by Google.

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This is a Parallax Computer Hardware website design template

What is it?

Parallax effect is a solution in website design in which the background information shifts slower than the foreground.

Why is it Good?

A web page with parallax scrolling instantly grabs the interest of an audience and boosts brand popularity due to the enticing looks.

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This is a Bootstrap 4 Computer Repair Service web template

What is it?

Bootstrap 4 is the most modern and quickest version of an open-source tool kit for designing internet websites.

Why is it Good?

It provides the enhancements to block design, Sass by default and a more organized framework system. Improved documentation and a comfortable search. You may make templates even faster.

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Features: Bootstrap, Extra Pages Layouts, Premium, Pro, Responsive, Search Engine Friendly