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Short description: A construction company is a costly business. This is why customers want to trust their money and homes to professionals. And if you run a construction company or architecture agency you have to create an atmosphere of trust. This is why if you want to present your company online you need a well-developed website. Like the Civil Group. Developed by a team of experienced coders and designers this template looks eye-catchy. It is bright and modern. Moreover, it includes many useful visual effects and elements. And you can edit easily any part of a website. This template is multipage and you can insert all the information you want. Civil Group has a top-notch gallery, blog, social options, and many more useful features. Just use your imagination and create a website of your dream!

This is a Bootstrap Business Firm website template

What is it?

Bootstrap is a extremely well-liked framework, which makes the work with Web coding, Cascading stylesheet and also JS less complicated. It had been made to be a tool for you to create a responsive design, but later it incorporated a great deal of additional efficiency.

Why is it Good?

Thanks to the use of Bootstrap a website will adapt its content to any display size. It's necessary for both SEO and website visitors.

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This is a Parallax Business website design template

What is it?

A parallax scrolling is a method in website design when background picture moves at a slower pace than a foreground article, making the impression of 2D effect.

Why is it Good?

Parallax scrolling will help you add more depth to your webpage appeal.

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This is a Bootstrap 4 Geotechnical Engineering website template

What is it?

Bootstrap 4 is the best and newest Bootstrap release. It's the most well-known HTML, CSS and JavaScript framework.

Why is it Good?

Bootstrap 4 WordPress themes are ensured to be mobile-friendly, which is a significant attribute for a modern website.

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This Industrial Engineering website design is Search Engine Friendly

What is it?

Search Engine Friendly is the type of website design that enables search engine bots to crawl and index its content.

Why is it Good?

The Search Engine Friendly web design is in fact a wonderful standard platform to start out advertising and marketing and also increasing search rates of the web page. It is usually less difficult to deal with this type of web page for Web optimization specialist as part of the work is already accomplished.

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This Civil Engineering Company website design is Responsive

What is it?

This is actually the ability of the layout to change according to the width of the display.

Why is it Good?

Responsive design implies that the website will offer an excellent viewing experience to all users throughout all devices.

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Features: Bootstrap, Extra Pages Layouts, Premium, Pro, Responsive, Search Engine Friendly